Rubber Service SRL
“Negro de Humo Thermax N990” (Carbon Black Thermax N990) Carbon Black, often referred to as MT black, is unique in several ways. Along the spectrum of carbon black, it has the biggest particle size and it is among the lowest aggregation or particle structure degrees. Since it derives from natural gas, it is also one of the purest carbon forms available on an industrial scale. Examples of its applications include applications in rubber, metallurgy, plastics, insulation, concrete and graphite, just to mention a few of them. Thermax® N990 Ultra Pure has extremely low levels of pollutants such as ashes and sulphur. Ultra Pure grades offer a high purity carbon and provide maximum resistance to heat and chemicals and it also minimizes impurities in the final product.
Copé & Cia
Copé & Cia. Ltda Copé & Cia. Ltda. is a traditional Brazilian company which manufactures the machines and equipment present in the industrial parks of the most relevant companies in the rubber, plastic and tyre retread sectors. For the rubber industry, mixers, coolers, calendars, extruders and presses are highlighted as complete cooling, mixing, calendering and extrusion lines. For the tyres retread area, it manufactures the entire machines and accessories line with the Himapel brand, including complete plants installations, where the tyre cleaning machines, inspection machines, scraping machines, builder machines, enveloper expanders and autoclaves for tyres are the most highlighted ones. Apart from the standard machines from its products line, it has an engineering sector specialized in project handling and provision of special solutions in accordance with their client’s needs. It also executes improvements, reconstructions, machining services and installations as well as replacement parts and national and international technical assistance. All of its equipment is manufactured in accordance with the Brazilian and international security regulations.
Fluorinated rubbers: Dipolmers and Terpolymers DHP-202C, DHP-461TS, DHP-605F are the most high-temperature-resistant rubbers and the parts manufactured with it have the highest resistance to the most aggressive chemicals known such as hydrocarbons, acids and bases (not only pure but also diluted). The terpolymers DHP-461TS and DHP-605F are composed of Vinyl Fluoride-Hexafluoropropane-Tetrafluoroethylene. Copolymers such as DHP-202C are composed of Hexafluoropropylene-Vinylidene Fluoride. For further information, please contact us. Silicone Rubber: Rubber Hardness “Shore A 30, 50 and 70” have excellent physical properties at high and low temperatures. DHS-7230, DHS-7250 and DHS-7270. They can be used for products in contact with food, sanitary ware, valve guides, seals, Orings, cable cladding, conductors, sanitary pipes, parts in general exposed to high and/or low temperatures and to aggressive chemical environments. Excellent resistance to extreme aging. For further information, please contact us.
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